OGEFER Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Living Room Chair Motorized Single Sofa with Massage Heated Vibration Side Pockets (Linen Grey)

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Product Description

Designed by OGEFER furniture team, the recliner chairs are firstly bold in color, providing corduroy blue, corduroy yellow, micro-suede blue for choice. According to the designers, a piece of furniture, especially the sofa, should not be stereotypes. Bright color can bring warmth, vitality, energy to your home. As a matter of course, classic color like linen brown and linen grey, is necessary for the formal occasion.

The elegant and stylish appearance makes it fit for various rooms. Placed in the living room, the single sofa becomes the supplement to the seating group. Placed in the bedroom, the reclining sofa becomes the second bed for napping. Placed in the recreation room, the single sofa becomes the massage sofa to relax your body.

Reclining, lifting, heating, and massage are all in one!

recliner chair massage heating

Motorized Reclining & Lifting

Relaxing yourself in could-like and overstuffed sponge, touching the breathable and soft fabric, pressing a button to recline, you will feel like stress-free and comfortable.

Suggested: 125˚ reclining is ideal for reading books that you will not feel dizzy or suffer neck pain. 140˚ reclining is better for watching TV at a comfortable post. 150˚ reclining is perfect for listening to music and meditation and you will forget all the trouble in life. 160˚ reclining is suitable for napping that the sofa will support every point of your body and you will feel relaxing laying down on it.

More than that, the living room sofa can also lift up. If you suffer from knee pain or feel powerless to stand up, in the same way just press a button so the electric motor will elevate the chair, put your foot on the ground, you can stand up easily without adding stress to back or knees. You can also adjust to any customized position letting you stop the lift at any positions you prefer.

It is just up to you to adjust any angle to do your favorite things.

massage sofa for living room

Massage & Lumbar Heating

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. When OGEFER sends you living room sofa, go for a massage! When you find life is so hard to you, just lay down on OGEFER sofa, choose your preferred vibration mode, close your eyes and enjoy the moment. You will find life is still nice to you. Even if the world abandon you, the OGEFER living room sofa special for you will not.

Pulse Mode: Loop vibrating from low strength to high strength on back, lumbar, thigh and leg.

Press Mode: Chop vibrating on back, lumbar, thigh and leg.

Wave Mode: Vibration starts on back, then lumbar, then thigh, then leg.

Auto Mode: Vibrating on back, lumbar, thigh, and leg respectively.

Normal Mode: Vibrating on back, lumbar, thigh, leg steadily and continuously.

Studies have show that combination of vibration and heating can promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. The OGEFER living room sofa also supports lumbar heating. There must a mode fit your need.