Beflax 100% Natural French Linen Bed Pillowcases | Ultra Soft - Stone Washed Linen Pillow Covers Set 2 pcs | King | Light Grey | Farmhouse Design Linen Pillow Covers

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Size: King size  |  Color: Light Grey | Beige | Natural Linen

Pillows and linen are the two words that meant to go together. Our linen pillowcases are made according to old linen traditions, where all linen properties are preserved as nature intended. Linen pillows are perfect for those who are seeking for their best sleep ever. And of course for those who are into farmhouse design, rustic chic and all hygge style. We use a unique weave, specially crafted for a great balance of comfort and weight in our linen bedding sets. Linen simply creates a special atmosphere of comfort and coziness, bringing the piece of nature right to your home. Pure linen pillows as well as linen bedding in general has unique properties, that no other bedding can provide. It will bring you daily and nightly comfort for years to come, if treated properly (care instructions are always included in the packaging). Stonewashed linen pillowcases are very durable and much stronger than cotton by at least 5 times. Linen pillows are also hypoallergenic and antistatic, that means even the most sensitive skin will be pleased by contact with our linen. You can enjoy your linen pillows on a sofa or on your bed - wherever you decide to take that needed rest. While you dream, your linen pillowcases will make sure that your head is comfortably cozy. The eco-friendly natural flax fibers in each linen pillowcase provide a massaging effect as a bonus, relieving you from all the excess of dead cells on your face, helping you regenerate the new ones. Not everybody knows, that washed linen pillowcases become softer each time. There is something about linen properties that make somewhat rough texture turn into a soft one after each washing. And since linen pillows are extremely durable, they will be able to withstand numerous washings without losing its properties and shape. You can always get a matching bed linen duvet cover or a full linen bedding set - available in our online store. Check it out for more linen goodies for you and your home: